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The Gift of a Thought Partner

In the elusive hunt for a mentor, consider that a Thought Partner can be just as valuable to your personal and professional growth.

What is a Thought Partner? It goes beyond a co-worker, a manager, or a friend. A thought partner is someone who shares your interests and curiosities. They believe in abundance, are driven to think bigger, want more, and are always ready to explore. 

Here is how to spot the relationship:

  • Your conversations are rarely transactional; you spend much of your time co-creating, solving problems, and dreaming of the future
  • You push each other to think bigger beyond your current situation
  • You both seek the unknown and then find the answers
  • You want the best for each other
  • There is no competition, no one has to "be" smarter - you are both smart
  • You appreciate each other's strengths
  • You look for ways to lean in and support the success of each individually 
  • You go down rabbit holes of inspiration
  • You co-create, and no one takes or needs the credit
  • ...
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The Answer to the Mentor Shortage

Despite the widespread acknowledgment of mentorship's benefits, many individuals face a daunting challenge: finding a suitable mentor. Mentorship is a tricky road because while some programs will "match" you with a mentor, the mentee and mentor must connect on a deeper level to get the whole experience. 

Mentorship requires dedication on both sides but is not always a reciprocal relationship. One person gives more and is needed more, and not always at opportune times for the giver. Now, the mentor does get a reward; they experience a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction through the dopamine boosts derived from feeling needed, offering valuable advice, and the positive emotions associated with contributing to others' growth and well-being.

As you pursue a mentor, remember what you ask of this person. They need to be able to make the time for you, be honest and willing to provide difficult feedback and push you out of your comfort zone into the space where growth happens....

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Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs

We all have those moments when self-deprecation feels like an escape route, a way to avoid facing discomfort. Instead of viewing the situation as an opportunity for growth, we quickly resort to self-limiting beliefs, such as thinking we're not smart enough, strong enough, or good enough.

Maybe you believe something is missing:
There is not enough time or money.

Perhaps you give it to others:
They deserve it more.
They will be better at it.
I could never do as good of a job.

Or is it about something you are lacking:
I am too old (or too young).
I am not ready.
I don't know enough.
I can't change it.

Do you struggle with priorities or not wanting to appear selfish:
I have other responsibilities.

And then there is the doozy - tied to our identity - how will it look?
They won't take me seriously.
I will look stupid.

Does any of this sound familiar? Our limiting beliefs come in all shapes and sizes, as the stories we tell ourselves - stopping us from moving forward.

But when we recognize it as a...

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