Meet Susan Collins


Talent Strategist and Corporate Careerist turned Growth and Global Leadership Coach.


Hi. I’m Susan. I’ve spent most of my professional life working within large, world-class organizations. This means that I have had a front-row seat at how organizations recruit, promote, and elevate employees in the hope of generating talented teams and nimble leadership.

I know just what it takes to create a great and rewarding career, and it’s not the stuff you think.

We bring ourselves with us. You do the best you can, but until you create awareness around the decisions you make, the leadership traits that are hurting or helping you, and how to create a trust to build trust that moves not only your career forward but also the careers of those around us - it is just work. Build something meaningful and create an impact beyond your direct reports to influencing an entire organization.

This work speaks to me because I believe in working without regrets. It's about being proactive and not reactive. When you truly grasp why you make the decisions you make, how a job functions, how corporate culture operates, and how to leverage your connections, there's nothing you can't achieve. There are countless reasons to empower and create more space and opportunities within the corporate world, but at the end of the day, you only need ONE


Get ready and stay ready.


There are 100 reasons to put yourself out there, but you only need one.


Work with no regret! Corporate careerists, proactive leaders, and self-directed high-achievers realize your true value beyond any barriers and start advocating for your own career advancement.

The Network Concierge is the Leadership-Builder and Corporate-Informed Talent Strategist that delivers the 1:1 and group coaching to rise with intention through the corporate structure with clear goals, an empowered network, and unshakable confidence.

See it and be it; your ideal future is just waiting for you.


Explore Corporate Career Coaching
🎯Seize any opportunity or option for a career change, advancement, or promotion.

🎯Position yourself for maneuverability: What’s next, who’s important, and why bother?

🎯Align and manage your own career with self-belief, self-advocacy, and self-confidence.



Talent Acquisition Strategy, at your service.


Learn how to manage your career from the inside out. 


If you’ve ever felt like being really good at what you do—a real team player, someone always taking on extra responsibility and demonstrating unwavering loyalty to leadership and the company vision—but you can’t help but feel like there is more waiting?

We feel your pain. After years of working in top-tier corporate offices as a talent acquisition strategist, we’ve seen careers rise and fall, and one thing is for certain: You must understand how the system works, and you must advocate for your own success. 


You own your future.

Do you understand the playing field?

Are you dreaming big enough?

Will you be ready when opportunity knocks? 


Coaching helps you:

Unpack the 8-Career Narratives, the 4 phases of a job, and identify what matters most …and when.

Learn how to cultivate the kind of network you can rely on for almost any ask or next opportunity.

Explore significant strategies in ways to stay relevant, close gaps, and strengthen feedback loops.