About Susan

Perpetually inspired by people, processes, and ideas—I have always been known for my ability to find talented leaders & help them identify the next steps in their careers.

A no-nonsense approach, coupled with my insatiable curiosity, has long been the key to bringing top talent through the doors of every company I have worked for throughout my career.

I am known as an innovator and expert in developing strategies, procuring technology & ensuring education around the recruitment function for the next generation of recruiters. I've been privileged to share my knowledge and insights around Recruiting and Talent Acquisition through presentations at SHRM, HR Tech, and  ERE, to name a few.

Now engaged on the other side of the relationship, I am helping focused professionals see and believe in the possibilities of their careers. In HR, I had a front-row seat, watching careers rise and fall. After having my own coach, I realized that every employee needs an unbiased, safe space to stay focused on their forward career momentum as they navigate corporate politics, expectations, personalities, and competing goals.

I have supported thousands of people throughout their careers in the corporate arena. But now, as your Coach, I can focus on your needs versus the organization. I am passionate about looking at your long-term goals and supporting you through each stage of your career journey.

It is not just about doing the job but about taking the time to see the big picture. As a Career Growth Coach, I help leaders step 30,000 feet above their careers to look down, build awareness, make the invisible visible, and move their careers forward utilizing the 8 Career Narratives.

I reside in Texas with my husband, two boys, and three rescue dogs. I love (most of the time) the challenges they bring each day. I am driven by the ability to make every day just a little better than yesterday for those around me.


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