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I specialize in catalyzing growth within corporations by nurturing the talents of your most valuable assets – your leaders, with a proven track record of empowering leaders across multiple industries by self-authoring their success.

Equip your executives with the tools to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Leveraging Coaching for Your Organization:

Our comprehensive coaching covers a spectrum of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership Excellence: From decision-making to crisis management, we empower your executives with the skills needed to lead confidently in any situation.

  • Strategic Vision: We assist your leaders in crafting and executing visionary strategies that secure your corporation's future success.

  • Effective Communication: Our coaching hones communication prowess, enabling executives to inspire, influence, and collaborate seamlessly.

  • Emotional Resilience: Developing empathy, resilience, and self-awareness fosters a cohesive and motivated team.

  • Conflict Resolution: Equip your executives with the tools to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Let's connect and discuss the opportunities to invest in your team in a new way.

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Additional Services

Outplacement Services

We view the outplacement process as an opportunity to showcase your company's values. Our approach emphasizes not only finding new career paths but also nurturing the emotional and professional growth of your employees. Our commitment goes beyond conventional services, reflecting the ethos of your organization.

Interview Coaching

Easing pre-interview anxiety and ensuring success is all about preparation. With the right amount of interview prep, you can effectively tell your story and highlight your expertise while making a lasting, positive impression.
An expert interview coach can help you level up your interview skills to highlight what’s already there—an accomplished, highly skilled individual.

Guest Speaker

Notably, Susan's influence isn't confined to her coaching engagements. Leading HR organizations have recognized her thought leadership, and she has graced the stage with renowned groups such as the SHRM, ERE, and Women in HR Tech, to name a few.
Her insights on leadership development, talent acquisition, and coaching have resonated with diverse audiences, from C-suite executives to budding professionals.