Nurturing Transitions: Guiding Your Team's Path with Interview Training

In the realm of leadership, navigating transitions with care and consideration is paramount. Introducing a transformative solution that showcases your dedication – our exclusive interview training program for employees experiencing transitions.

By offering this strategic benefit, you're equipping them with the essential skills to tackle interviews and embrace new career opportunities when confidence may be low.

Demonstrating your unwavering support during these pivotal moments not only shows your continued commitment to their success but also solidifies your company's reputation as one that truly values and invests in its people. 

Behavioral Interview Mastery in 7 Simple Steps

  • Customized one-on-one training with Dee Powers
  • Supporting material to reinforce learning
  • Methods to help you powerfully articulate your zone of genius
  • Training to develop a standout "Tell me about yourself" introduction that makes a lasting impression
  • Learn how to master the STAR Method narrative structure
  • Tools to help you ace the art of small talk
  • Gain a real-world feel of the process through an intensive mock interview session
  • Develop strategies to neutralize negative STAR stories and manage situational rebuttals effectively
  • Tips for asking the right closing questions of hiring leaders
  • A comprehensive treatment plan for areas of development
  • This session is 2.5 hours long


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