The Gift of a Thought Partner

In the elusive hunt for a mentor, consider that a Thought Partner can be just as valuable to your personal and professional growth.

What is a Thought Partner? It goes beyond a co-worker, a manager, or a friend. A thought partner is someone who shares your interests and curiosities. They believe in abundance, are driven to think bigger, want more, and are always ready to explore. 

Here is how to spot the relationship:

  • Your conversations are rarely transactional; you spend much of your time co-creating, solving problems, and dreaming of the future
  • You push each other to think bigger beyond your current situation
  • You both seek the unknown and then find the answers
  • You want the best for each other
  • There is no competition, no one has to "be" smarter - you are both smart
  • You appreciate each other's strengths
  • You look for ways to lean in and support the success of each individually 
  • You go down rabbit holes of inspiration
  • You co-create, and no one takes or needs the credit
  • You admire the way they show up in the world
  • Together, you make things better
  • They make you better and vice versa
  • Tears and laughter are involved

While everyone should have a thought partner, they are difficult to find. You need someone who can challenge you in the most honest and raw moments without putting you on the defensive. Too many have been brought up in environments where a scarcity mindset prevails, instilling a deep-seated fear that there will not be enough opportunities, resources, and success for everyone. This fear can manifest as self-doubt, hesitation to take risks, and a tendency to settle for less than one's true potential. It can also create a competitive atmosphere that hinders collaboration and mutual support among individuals and groups. Trust is a critical component of this relationship.

A thought partner provides a safe space to grow creative competencies. As we transition into executive leadership, we often revert to reactive leadership tendencies that we were rewarded for during the early career years, and leaders struggle to transition into more effective creative leadership competencies.

As leaders advance into strategic roles, creative skills become essential. Having a thought partner lets you explore strategic risks openly. It's a space for trying out wild ideas. Mastering creative leadership helps tackle tough problems, spark innovation and fuel lasting progress. Balancing your inner growth while developing professionally shapes you into the leader you aspire to be at work and home.

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