When is it time for a job search?

Uncategorized May 31, 2022

My question is if you lost your job today, would you feel relief? If you can admit that out loud (it will stay in between the two of us), it is time to think about a search. It is a candidate's market, and depending on your salary, a good search can take up to eighteen months

Have you ever quit a job or had your position eliminated, and there was a weird feeling of relief that accompanied fear? If this is not you, you are one of the lucky ones - keep reading.

Of course, it is easy to fall into a space of regret, frustration, or anger after it happens. But what action can you take before it happens?

Unfortunately, most people find themselves in the space of regretting the past: instead of taking the time to look towards the future and the risk that precedes success. 

Yet, every step that has brought you to this moment has given you something to learn from and helped you move forward. This is hard to remember when things do not feel like they are going your way. Worrying about what could happen is easier than getting excited about what could happen. 

The trick is to recognize the moment leading you to a place of dissatisfaction and ask yourself some questions:

  • Am I learning what I need to move my career forward?
  • Am I enjoying the work I am doing and experiencing new growth?
  • Am I growing my leadership skills and influence?
  • Do I spend the majority of my time satisfied or dissatisfied?

 Instead of letting your career get to the moment of questioning everything behind you and everything in front of you - take time each week to review your path. 

Which of the following is true:

  • I love my job
  • I know my boss thinks about my future as much as I do
  • I get opportunities to stretch my skills
  • I feel successful
  • I know there is more for me to do at my current company
  • I am fairly compensated

People go wrong with their careers by not consistently and honestly answering these questions. 

Remember, when you take a risk on your skills and future, you will never leave and do worse in the long run; you will go and do differently. So be brave; say it again: not worse, usually better - sometimes sideways - but it will always move you a step closer to your goals. 



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