Time to Flex Your Leadership Muscle

Your company needs you right now. They are scrambling to bring on talent to the organization, and you sit at your desk waiting for them to make the hire. This new colleague is supposed to take some work off your plate and bring a little more balance to your life. 

If these new hires are vital to you and your organization, then it is time to step up.

This move will not only enhance your leadership profile both in the industry and with your company, but it will also get the recruiters singing your praises at work.

Reach out to your Talent Acquisition team to find out what jobs they are struggling to fill and take these steps:

  • Go through your network
    • Reach out to network with your favorite former colleagues (talent always knows talent).
    • Call those that would be great for the job and tell them about your company.
    • If you are not comfortable reaching out - send names directly to the recruiting team.
  • Share the jobs socially
    • Get the word out 
      • Ask your recruiting team if your company has individual referral links that you can use socially (the links track referrals directly back to your efforts.
      • No referral link - go to your company website and pull the link to the job you want to share
  • Tell your story out loud, on social, to your friends, to your network. They need to know:
    • What keeps you there
    • What are you proud of
    • What makes your company special

Being a talent magnet is a leadership game-changer for your career. If you aren't already on your industry's talent map, start feeding your organization in two ways. First, as a leader, you should be dedicating a large amount of your time to developing the talent around you. Second, you need to step up as a brand ambassador. If you are going to "win the war on talent," it takes the entire army. 

Not ready to flex your leadership muscle in this space? Need to start networking first? Use this link to sign up for my "9 Wildly Obvious Networks You Should be Cultivating!"


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