Are the Golden Handcuffs Holding You Back?

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Are the Golden Handcuffs holding you back? Do you get excited to think about the future but get stuck because you are tied to a benefits package you can't leave behind? In my corporate career as a Talent Acquisition Leader and Recruiter, I watched too many candidates get caught by the golden handcuffs and turn down career-changing opportunities because they focused on the current moment instead of their future.

While negotiations are a part of the process, sometimes tenure in an organization holds you back from building a stronger future. This is because employers create benefits packages that increase as your knowledge and experience increase. So the better you get, the harder you are to replace, and they know it. 

When should you consider giving up a sizeable benefits package for something new? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I see myself moving to the next level in my current organization in a time that keeps me on track to meet my career goals?
  • Am I still learning?
  • Do I have more to give to my current organization, and do they need what I have to give?
  • Does the new organization have more opportunities for advancement?
  • Am I still happy to go to work every day?

If the answer is no to one or more of the above questions, then having a conversation is something you owe yourself. Don't let an extra week of vacation or a healthy bonus be the reason you turn down something that could potentially change your life.

If you are afraid to make a move because there are no guarantees, you are right. Not every move is successful. Do your homework. You should never run from a job; you should always be running to a job.

Giving something up to gain a longer runway is a strategic move.

One last thought. Last week I had a client get to the final stages of the process, knowing that she would potentially give up some of her benefits for an opportunity that would challenge her more and give her more growth than her current job. When the offer came, she asked for more. Because she was the best candidate for the position, they accepted her counter-offer. She was no longer tied to the golden handcuffs of her current role. Instead, they were ready to negotiate to ensure she accepted the position.

The moral of the story, don't forgo a conversation because of what you know today. Instead, be curious enough to explore the possibilities and think long-term.

Everything could change after they get to know you better and are excited about the value you bring to their company.

Are you negotiating your next package? Check out this list of benefits to determine what you should ask before signing your offer letter.


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