I Believe in JOY at Work!

I believe in JOY, even at work. This statement may sound a little Polyana, but I have experienced it in the corporate world and as a coach. I believe you can too. However, it is work (not the job - finding the joy).

Looking for joy? Then it is time to begin your quest for the path that leads you to that magical experience we all deserve. To start, are you even on the right track? Has the career path you have taken brought you something to look forward to next week, next month, or next year? Do you see a clear path ahead for your career?

If the path is correct, then is the work meaningful to you? So many get lost because they start their careers worried about what their parents expected or what their college peers believed they should be doing, and they find it hard to pursue their dreams after a few years in the job market. What do you believe? Whether you are keeping the cafeteria clean at the elementary school or working towards world peace, every job is essential to make the world go around. If you are clear on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how your contributions matter, you are moving in the right direction.

So far, so good? Now, look around. Who are you surrounded by at work? Do they inspire you, challenge you and always tell you the truth? Have you moved your team past the point of peer competition to peer collaboration? 

Great! Now, let's talk about your boss. If we gave your boss a pop quiz, would they be able to articulate your career desires and how they are helping you develop the skills you need to move forward? More importantly, do they possess the influence and stamina to help get you there?

Now let's talk about the career-killer: self-awareness. I have seen more careers move backward because people stop listening to feedback. Either they begin to think they know more, the feedback threatens them, or their ego gets in the way of trying someone else's ideas.  Feedback is a gift that provides you opportunities to continue refining your skills, gives you different perspectives. Make sure that you are not only asking for feedback but also doing something with the gift you have been given.

The most crucial question is, does your job allow you time to have a life? Do you have time for meaningful relationships outside of work? Can you leave the office early or go on vacation without anxiety?

Joy at work brings joy into your personal life. Fulfillment at work builds confidence to make difficult decisions and take risks. Calculated risks often get rewards in the form of learning, success, or both.

You deserve joy at work, but you are responsible for finding it.

Looking for joy? Use this download to help you get clear on your next steps.


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