It's Never Too Late

She worked for the same company for over 25 years.

She held several jobs and moved up, down, and sideways as the company expanded and contracted.

She loved the job until she didn't - and then she still stayed too long.

Then, one day, the fear of staying overcame the fear of going.

She couldn't quit; she had to do the work, but once she did the work, she had opportunities she could not have imagined previously.

In her new role, she still had moments of fear; she had never worked with Ph.D.s. Even before they spoke, she told herself stories. What if they asked questions she could not answer? What if they didn't talk to her at all? She had never imagined this moment in a new industry, being asked by a team of Ph.D.s for her to give them her thoughts.

It was beyond her wildest dreams a year ago; now, it is her life.

What dreams have you not yet dreamed?

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