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9-Year Career Planner

 Less than 10% of individuals successfully achieve their goals. Time is the key to unlocking hidden potential and making progress. It illuminates crucial discussions, clarifies the necessary actions, and ultimately puts the power of choice in your hands.


Wildly Obvious Networks to Cultivate

Your career will only go so far without a network, yet networking usually falls to the bottom of the list. This download includes not only the most obvious places you should be networking but also some of the easiest networks to break into!


Negotiating Your Next Offer

Never accept the first offer, never give the first number, never bring up salary first, and never make it all about compensation. A great offer includes much more than the money. Download this list of over sixty other considerations for the negotiation process. 


Managing Relationships in the Interview Process

During the interview process, it is easy to say the wrong things, jump to conclusions, and tell ourselves stories that may or may not be true. This download includes the four candidate profiles and tips & tricks for managing the recruiter and hiring manager relationships. 


Podcast Interviews


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