Behavioral Interview Mastery in 7 Simple Steps


  • Customized one-on-one training with Dee Powers
  • Supporting material to reinforce learning
  • Methods to help you powerfully articulate your zone of genius
  • Training to develop a standout "Tell me about yourself" introduction that makes a lasting impression
  • Learn how to master the STAR Method narrative structure
  • Tools to help you ace the art of small talk
  • Gain a real-world feel of the process through an intensive mock interview session
  • Develop strategies to neutralize negative STAR stories and manage situational rebuttals effectively
  • Tips for asking the right closing questions of hiring leaders
  • A comprehensive treatment plan for areas of development
  • This session is 2.5 hours long. Clients who are committed to the process are typically interview-ready in a single session. 

Client Feedback

Two hours spent with Dee can be truly transformative. Prior to our session, I had consistently reached the final stages of job interviews but struggled to secure the final offer. Dee's expertise proved invaluable as she meticulously guided me through the finer points of the interview process, refining my responses, particularly to the ubiquitous "tell me about yourself" question, among others. Thanks to her guidance, I not only secured an offer from my next interview but also negotiated a more favorable salary package. Dee's impact was truly remarkable.

C.F. - Director Candidate

Practicing interview techniques with Dee proved invaluable in boosting my confidence during interviews. Despite having conducted interviews for over three decades, I realized the importance of preparing to be on the other side of the table. Dee's emphasis on strategic disclosure ensured I highlighted my most significant accomplishments from each role, articulating them in the present tense. Her guidance on handling the salary question led to a remarkable outcome – a salary increase exceeding 30%.

S.C. - Senior Vice President Candidate