Career advancement is not an accident.

It takes preparation, planning, and performance. I help executives take the right steps to reach their goals.

 If it’s time for you to move from Director to VP or VP to the C-Suite, you need a plan.




You deserve career happiness.

If you’re feeling like there’s more out there for you—or you have more to offer than your current role—then it may be time to move on.

 Get help with building a career roadmap, finding your next career move, or redefining your personal brand.




Build your brand and your confidence.

Hone your story to key in on your most important accomplishments and help you find what’s next.

 Never settle. Strategic job search practices to find the right role at the right time—for the right reasons.


"It gets complicated. Your company has goals, your boss has goals, and you need an unbiased sounding board to ensure you can stay on a path that takes you where you want to go, never losing sight of your goals and values."

  -Susan Collins

I help driven professionals plan their next strategic move.

 After years of leading and building recruiting strategies to help companies attract talent, I am pulling back the curtains to help professionals longing for more in their career, build strategies to fulfill their professional dreams.


Thinking about your long-term career goals?

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